The real-time monitoring is based on a monitoring model developed by GPC analysis from a history of references. It is realized as part of a GPC Audit.

The real-time software GPC Guard considers the multi-measures observations as soon as they are available.

The interface of GPC Guard allows the operator to follow the operation of the system, using several graphs of measures or multivariate indicators of GPC.

When an anomaly is already analyzed by the operating model, the operator is alerted by an error window, indicating the characteristics of the situation: the cause of the disruption and the action to be taken.

If it is an anomaly which has not yet been identified, the operator is alerted that an incident of a new type has occurred.

Then, GPC Guard sums up the impact of the disruption on the measures in the error window. Afterwards, experts in this field carry out  a thorough technical analysis of the situation. Following this study, the monitoring model of these anomalies is enriched to automatically recognize this new anomaly, and communicate the appropriate instructions to the operator.