The Global Process Control offers additional tools to go beyond maintaining a right stable operation of the considered system (equipment, process…). These tools allow you to define a better operating point of the system.

Rethink settings

The current control setting of a process or an equipment is defined during the design phase of the system, realized in a design office. The parameters have been specified during a set-up step.

Conditions may have changed and the system may have weared down.

Maybe it is time to consider a new and more efficient parameter settings of the system. These can be changed.

There are two main difficulties which impact this reconsideration:

  • Changing a parameter has usually several impacts, some positive, others negative: a modification, parameter by parameter, is not practical.
  • The classical technique to obtain a multi-parameters setting configuration requires a temporary suspension of the production. Therefore, incurs a significant cost.

Multi-parameters settings optimized by GPC

With GPC Target added to the other GPC tools, it is now possible to exploit the current operating measures in order to:

Better focus measures on their respective target.

Reduce dispersions around the target.

Identify new settings for a favorable target change: cost criteria or optimized quality, while maintaining sufficient abilities (capabilities).


To reduce control cost, GPC System has developed the GPC PVA module (Principal Variable Analysis).

The practice of SPC has often led to the emergence of a multitude of measures to detect and identify different disturbances.

The multidimensional approach of GPC monitoring, which operates the interrelations between measures, generally does not require all these measures. A smaller set is enough to detect and identify any anomalies that appear.

The PVA module allows you to select a sufficient number of variables for effective monitoring. This selection takes into account the collection costs of the measures and the overall cost is reduced at best.