General training

GPC System organizes training for the different levels of Global Process Control users. These trainings are usually given by web conferences which reduce travelling costs for training purposes. It also provides reduced subscription costs. If it is necessary, on site intra-company training is possible. General training on Global Process Control is organized by levels, from beginners to consultants training.

Specific trainings are also given:

  • •Training in the use of a particular module.
  • Training in the resolution of a particular issue.

If you want to enroll in a GPC training, fill the contact form by ticking the checkbox “Training”. We will get in touch with you to learn your specific needs and we will direct you to the appropriate courses.

GPC Expert training

Objectives of training

The “GPC Expert” training is dedicated to current quality / productivity specialists, who usually use the SPC method, Six Sigmas, Lean… in their company or as an external consultant.

This training allows trainees to immediately benefit from the power of Global Process Control for their projects, with complete confidentiality. Individual support is included in the training.

At the end of the session, trainees will be able to:

  • Identify a situation for which GPC provides powerful solutions adapted to the available data and the issues involved.
  • Interpret the results of GPC analysis.
  • Build a relevant GPC analysis to implement a process or equipment monitoring: periodic monitoring or real-time monitoring.
  • Guide a process of continuous improvement based on GPC periodic monitoring.
  • Implement a GPC real-time monitoring.

Organisation of training

  • The training is organized in three modules:
    • Module 1: Interpretation of a GPC analysis
    • Module 2: Construction of a GPC analysis
    • Module 3: GPC monitoring 
  • Each module includes web conferences, individual support sessions and access to GPC software associated with the modules, via the SaaS GPC Box server.

We invite you complete the contact form for any other information, and tick the checkbox “GPC Expert training”.