GPC Flash Audit

The GPC Flash Audit provides a quick answer to the following questions:

“Is GPC better than my current tools?”

“Can GPC provide answers to my quality and productivity problems from the data I have, more effectively than the tools I use now?”

GPC System proposes to coach its partners so they are able to make informed answers.

  • Quickly, without wasting time.
  • •Satisfaction guaranteed :  no fee is charged if the customer deems that the GPC solutions are not sufficient in the case they submitted.

Our offer:

    Your company can benefit from one free GPC Flash Audit.

    Immediately test the effectiveness of Global Process Control on your problem!

For more informations about GPC Flash Audit : tick the corresponding checkbox on the contact form.

You can ask for a GPC Flash Audit by completing the Audit request form. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible to specify the details.

Progress of a GPC Flash Audit


If the results of the first or second session are inconclusive for the client, GPC System does not charge for the Audit.


  • •The Flash Audit should be carried out in one or two consecutive weeks to ensure quality.
  • •The three meeting sessions are organized by GPC System via web conferences.
  • •GPC System reserves the right not to conduct, or even to stop a Flash Audit, if it considers that the subject, available data or partial results do not indicate satisfactory conclusions.


A Flash Audit represents a day of consultation. This day is charged with a 40% discount when the client proposes a new project.

Any company can benefit from a free GPC Flash Audit.

To learn more or to ask for a GPC Flash Audit : check the corresponding section on the contact form.