GPC technology is designed to handle multivariate data which means that all the variables are simultaneously taken into account. This allows for a better extraction of the information. Among the exclusive features of GPC which are not present in standard software are : the automatic separation between under-control points and out of control points, the identification of different anomaly directions (after learning of history).

The GPC System technology supposes that measured variables follow (in under control operation) a Gaussian law. When this is not the case, we need to transform the variable to satisfy the criteria. The GPC consultants can help you to implement such transformations.

GPC System tools are not an alternative to the Six-Sigma approach but a technical support to the implementation of the Six-Sigma approach. The complete exploitation of statistical data with the GPC tools allow : the identification of anomalies (and potentially the removal of their causes), the implementation of alarms on the anomalies for real-time monitoring, the optimization settings.

It is required to set up measurement tools in order to obtain several variables for each point. If measuring instruments are already operational, you need to be able to follow the measures to know which sample they belong to.

GPC tools are available online with servers provided by GPC System SaaS (Software as a Service). This does not require any computer installations. The GPC tools can also be installed on site, for real-time monitoring .