GPC Viewer allows any recipient of a GPC study report or any report edited by GPC Report, to be able to go over the GPC analyses and to view complementary results. He will be able to use the interesting results for his personal reflection. GPC Viewer makes it possible to visualize and copy all the graphs  and tables that GPC Scan can build.

The analysis data software on GPC Scan history uses a patented multivariate statistical method (Global Process Control), and displays the results in tables and graphs on pre-configured screens. GPC Scan controls allow for usable for real-time monitoring (by GPC Guard) or for periodic reporting (by GPC Report).

An analysis project cannot be modified by GPC Viewer. Only GPC Scan can modify the parameters of a GPC analysis project.

The GPC Viewer tool consists of three parts, each one representing a clear methodological step. These steps are extracted from the five steps of GPC Scan. They allow the user to interpret the GPC analysis data.

The three parts are:

  • Management of the projects user.
  • SPC analysis.
  • GPC analysis.