Process setting to aim a product target.


GPC Target enables to optimize the operating point of an equipment or a process by a better choice of setting parameters.

Improving quality and productivity, and reducing cost are the goals of this optimization. Those are often contradictory goals, the setting has to constitute a compromise which takes into account of constraints specifications and dispersions of each variable or setting parameter.

Some characteristics of GPC Target:

  • Takes into account of multiple effects of each parameter setting.
  • Gives simultaneously setting values for several parameters.
  • Takes into account of specification and capability constraints.
  • Optimizes the setting according to different goals:
    • to hit precisely a multivariable target of product characteristics,
    • to minimize the modification from the prior operation,
    • to improve a configurable economic function.
  • Offers options that respond to many issues.

(*) The module is not currently accessible on the GPC Box service in the Cloud. GPC System uses it in the context of services.

Simple application example:

Two products variables Y2 and Y3 depend on three process variables X1, X2, X3.

The analysis of a data history allowed estimating the dependencies links of Yj in relation to Xi.

Xi and Yj are not initially centered on their target, which is reducing their respective capabilities.

It is possible to influence the average of each of the variables Xi by appropriate adjustment.

NB :

A high capability for the product variables Yj corresponds to a good quality product and often to a good longevity.  

A high capability for the process variables Xi makes the process robust in relation to disturbances.

First optimization

We are mainly trying to improve the capability of product variables Y2 and Y3 and if it is possible, the capability of process variables X1, X2, X3.

The selected diagrams below, give the values of capabilities before (red) and after (yellow) the optimized setting.

Second optimization

We are trying to improve the economic function depending on product variables Yj, even though this can reduce their capability to the minimum permissible.

The selected diagrams below, give values of capabilities before (red) and after (yellow) the optimized setting, the economic function having been increased 83 %.