The GPC Report module offers you to configure and edit customized reports.

GPC Report includes the following functions:

  • •Automatic construction of analysis reports and GPC multivariate monitoring of a production process (HTLM, PDF and RTF formats, customizable). The model of the report is completely configurable.
  • •Recording and editing the reporting strategies.
  • •Possibility of building a specific analysis to the production context.

Some specifications:

Data collection:

Database by SQL requests, .csv, .txt files…

Data pre-treatment:

Mobile average, time treatments, basic or complex calculations on raw data.

Data analysis:

Mono and multivariate statistical analysis of the dispersion and the anomalies of the process.

Monitoring from a production model:

Detection and identification of anomalies from a model of reference composed of the ellipse of the under-control production and the totality of the identified anomalies.

Automatic report:

Generated document under a standard format as PDF, HTML or RTF ; display of a statistical summary of the results, integration of any type of table, graph, diagrams, that are present on the GPC Scan screens.

GPC Projects:

Creation of a database of results from the “GPC Scan” format. These projects provide the visualization of results and complementary graphs with the analysis software GPC Scan or GPC Viewer.

Recording and editing strategies:

Automatic launching of the strategy by command line, compatible with the classic Windows task manager.