The Global Process Control technology offers different modules for monitoring and optimizing complex systems based on proprietary multivariate statistical models.

GPC technology is available as modules for use on Windows PCs.

The GPC Box tool gives you easy access to the various tools that are available to you as part of your license, real-time tools and off-line analysis.

Different packages of tools are available in license: they offer a coherent set of tools adapted to different functions (operator, quality manager, maintenance manager, production line manager, statistician expert, …).

The GPC Box SaaS (*) service now available the power of GPC tools, in simplified forms and advantageous financial conditions.

The software runs on a server located in the cloud. Data and results can be located either on the server or on the local computer.

(*) SaaS = Software as a Service.

The modules GPC Go , GPC View and GPC Click provide access to the power of Global Process Control for users with very fast training. These are simplified interfaces that provide (limited) access to GPC Scan , GPC Report and GPC Viewer .

The Module GPC Guard is intended for real time monitoring.

The modules GPC Curves and GPC Target are not currently available to users as part of the GPC service Box. Their use is reserved for GPC System within the framework of study services.

GPC System offers three PC or cloud-based packages: GPC First , GPC Fluent and GPC Expert . They respond to different levels of use and skills.

The GPC Real Time package is for real-time monitoring . It is used on a local PC, close to the equipment to be monitored.

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