GPC Box : La puissance du Global Process Control sur le Cloud

Customer references

“…Semiconductors industry and its derivative applications in which Si Automation evolves today in an international context, already represents a field of privileged investigations for GPC.”

“…The follow-up by multivariate methods seems to me very interesting and the recent developments reassure me in this direction. In addition, the ergonomics of the results are in line with our operational needs.”

“…The GPC developed by Mr. Daniel Lafaye de Micheaux makes it possible to go even further in identifying  the signature of an out of control process, with a permanent learning mode.”

“The GPC method proposed by M. LAFAYE DE MICHEAUX appears to have the benefits of multivariate technics and avoiding pitfalls ; it is not like others, simply triggering alarms, but it allows us to know immediately the cause of the drift… The GPC method provides adequate responses to a growing need.”

“…my perspective on the GPC method : this method seems to be relevant for this type of process because it enables a multidimensional approach of the basic concepts of SPC… In this context, the GPC method constitutes a coherent set of indicators in order to detect and describe the effects of the operating process anomalies.”

“For a industrial process, the patented method presents those two benefits :
– to detect causes of defects
– to allow their identification (and not be confined to report the presence of a non-identifiable defect).
Your process piloting method provides an interesting experience feedback : it is possible to prevent the reappearance of a defect already observed by the simple creation of a specific card specific to the defect, impossible action with the classical control cards.”